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Sunday Morning Worship

8:30 & 10:02

Come As You Are…Really. 

At 8:30am we worship in a traditional service featuring hymns, liturgy and organ.  If you enjoy a classic worship style, then this service is for you. Communion is served weekly at this service and all people are welcome at Communion!

Then at 10:02am, get ready for an upbeat, music-intense contemporary service featuring Emilie Worre Noble and the 10:02 Band.  Children are invited to attend the Kids Konnection Sunday School which meets during this service.  Communion is celebrated on the first Sunday of the month at this service.  On that Sunday, children are encouraged to worship with their parents, and are dismissed to Kids Konnection before the message.

The finally at 3:00pm we have our Spanish speaking service, Casa del Maestro, led by Pastor Sam.    Casa del Maestro means “Master’s House” and in 2013 it opened it’s doors for the purpose of conveying biblical principle for the whole family.  Come and see this new ministry!


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Jesus Loves Us Without Limits

By on September 25, 2015

From the Desk of Jim Engen, President of Gethsemane Faith Community



Last week I told you I was on vacation and I shot a selfie as per Pastor Tim’s request for all of us.  I told you I would reveal where it was taken in a future letter.  Now is the time – the picture was taken on the shore of the Pacific Ocean near the town of Forks Washington.

I usually write on the past week’s sermon – this week we as a congregation had the privilege of listening to a group from Teen Challenge.  If there was a post of the service, I could not find it with my limited technology skills on our website.  I am confident that it was a great testimony of how Jesus does indeed love us without limits.  Thank you to all who made this gift of God’s grace visible to us last Sunday through the work of Teen Challenge.

I am still on vacation for several more days.  This time away from the distracting “noise” of life has allowed me to focus on matters of my personal faith – the truly important thing in life – a life where Jesus loves me without limits.  I saw that phrase on a poster being held by some children in a crowd waiting to catch a glimpse of Pope Francis yesterday.  I believe this promise!

Listening to the news reporting on the Pope’s visit has caused me to wrestle with 2 areas of my faith:

When am I good enough to hear the Gospel?

When do my faith and my response to what Jesus has done for me cross that imaginary line of Church and State?

The answer to the first question is easy – I live under the forgiving grace of Jesus Christ crucified for all people!  Yes – all people; even those I don’t agree with or who I feel have wronged me or have wronged others – no matter how egregiously it may have been.

The second question I needed to give a bit more thought to.  The news media have attempted to stick Pope Francis into a political ideology because of how he comes across on various moral issues.  Should the Pope be speaking out on moral issues?  Are moral issues political issues?  Who makes these issues political?  As a Christian am I called to live out my Christianity in my everyday life or just on Sundays?  When do my Christian beliefs infringe on those who do not claim Christianity?  Am I called to infringe?  When I am put in a position of power/authority over others, do I need to allow my Christian beliefs and morals to rule my decisions?  How far do I allow my beliefs and morals to rule my everyday life?

After some quiet time and thought, my answer is – I have to let Christianity rule my every move and rely on the forgiving grace of Jesus when I screw-up.  Please forgive me if this offends anyone reading this piece.  That’s enough for me and enough for now.


CELEBRATION and SORROW – our time as Pastor Tim as our pastor is ending.  We celebrate his time with us this Sunday and we are sad to see him go.  We as a congregation will have a formal opportunity to release him from his call at the single service (read on for details).  A part of this transition period at Gethsemane takes us down to one Lutheran ordained pastor on staff.  This will put added stain on the remaining staff.  Please be aware of this and volunteer when asked and step into positions of leadership if you feel called to do so.  Thanks for your involvement in this congregation!


You have an opportunity to be engaged in this congregation this Sunday as we formally release Pastor Tim from his call to us at a single Sunday worship service.  The service time is 9:30am.  The service will be a blended service with traditional and contemporary music.  There will be something for everyone’s style preference this Sunday.

Thank you Pastor Tim for your dedication to us as a congregation and wider faith community to help us grow deeper in the grace of Jesus Christ.  Your ideas and presentation of Word and Sacrament have been a real gift – Thank you!  Please know that you will be missed!

There will be no Town Hall meeting this Sunday (9/27/15) – the day will be devoted to a celebration of Pastor Tim’s ministry among us.

Come.  Come.  Come.  We have our annual congregation meeting next week (10/4/15) right after the 10:02 service.  Please come and be part of this congregation’s business side of operation that allows us to function as a faith community.


Be patient – data is being gathered and results are still being compiled…there will be a meeting for all to hear the results


Do you have a pastoral care need?  Call the church office at 651-739-1264 and ask for Pastor Dave.  He eager to serve you!

Email me at jengen@geth.org with questions/comments/concerns.  I would love to hear from you.

See you Sunday for celebration and worship – Hymns and songs for praise, prayers, a message that is sure to engage you, and a blessing to carry you through the week.  There will be cake for Pastor Tim (Pastor Tim leaves with cake)!

In His Service,



Thank You, Gethsemane!

By on September 29, 2015

Friends – Thank you SO MUCH for the wonderful time together in worship on Sunday and the reception you gave me!  I have received so many well-wishes, hugs, cards and very generous gifts… it’s a bit overwhelming in the most delightful


Lay School of Theology

By on September 23, 2015

Did you know that our own Luther Seminary offers a “Lay School of Theology” every year, with classes taught by the regular faculty but intended for regular folks instead of seminary students? It’s true!  Visit their website to see the

UnPearly Gates

Is Heaven A Gated Community?

By on September 22, 2015

One of my friends liked the following photo on Facebook, which presents a nice image of Jesus but… well, see what you think. Now, that’s a good news, gospel kind of message about Jesus. But I think the good news


UNSHAKABLE Confirmation Wednesday – Live Out Loud

By on September 18, 2015