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Sunday Morning Worship

8:30 & 10:02

Come As You Are…Really. 

At 8:30 we worship in a traditional service featuring hymns, liturgy and organ.  If you enjoy a classic worship style, then this service is for you. Communion is served weekly at this service and all people are welcome at Communion!

Then at 10:02, get ready for an upbeat, music-intense service featuring Emilie Noble and the 10:02 Band.  Children are invited to attend the Kids Konnection Sunday School which meets during this service.  Communion is celebrated on the first Sunday of the month at this service.  On that Sunday, children are encouraged to worship with their parents, and are dismissed to Kids Konnection before the message.

You can also get a feel for the preaching at Gethsemane by looking at some past messages.  Pastor Rick’s message entitled simply ‘Waiting’ is available here.     Heart to Heart is a series by Pastor Tim that explores how to experience the reality of God’s love for you in prayer.


Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

By on February 18, 2015

We just had a potluck this past Sunday with the folks that I call our “Sunday Morning Crew”.  These individuals volunteer for our Welcome Ministry, Counting Ministry, Communion Ministry, Usher Ministry, 4G (4 God) Connections Ministry and Hospitality Ministry.  And on a personal note, let me just add that potlucks are the best at Gethsemane because everyone brings the most fantastic things to eat! 

These ministries are vital to our vision of being the place for all generations to come and grow in their faith in Jesus Christ.

  • They help us all focus on the guest, the returning guest, the member…they don’t miss a beat
  • They focus on the coming and the going with a smile on their face and a helpful attitude in their hearts
  • They seek out the stranger and make them a friend
  • They are courteous and kind with their tone and are available to help at any time
  • They are faithful and consistent in their jobs, insuring that they are doing what is required of them but quite honestly, they end up going above and beyond their duties

So I took this opportunity to commend them on a stellar job and really brought home the truth that we are either the Host or the Guest.  And let me tell you, they get it.

We know that this faith community is our home so we are the Host.  We are different people who do different things for the same purpose – to make a way for our returning friends and new friends to feel that we have taken the same thought and care into having them in our house.  Bottom line.  We want them to feel at home.  We want them to feel free to come back again.

We are willing to do whatever it takes for our faith community and we will continue to work diligently and tirelessly to get it right for the sake of the Guest.  With this in mind, many of you have come to me with fantastic suggestions, comments and questions about how we can do more, do better.

You have asked and we have answered!  

We are certain you’ve noticed that we have a new format for our weekly bulletin.  This is a simple change that is very intentional.  Our weekly bulletin needed to be focused on our new friends and to the friends that haven’t come through our doors yet.  Our weekly bulletin needed to be a wonderful “inviting tool” for each and every one of you to be able to hand to neighbors, family, friends and acquaintances who have questions about who we are, where we are, what we have to offer as a faith community and what to expect when they come and see what this Gethsemane place is all about.

We will continue to make sure that there are inserts for our Traditional service and Contemporary service so that there is a knowing of what is to be expected.  We have done our research in asking different groups of individuals how they believe things need to look for their insert (830 & 1002 folks).  We will continue to tweak our inserts to make sure we are doing it the best that it can be done.  Keep the ideas coming!

We did a lot of research; checking into places that focus on growing and consistent guests coming into their doors just like we do.   We realized quickly that as we continue to focus on being the best neighborhood church around, we needed to make sure that we had all the elements in place to be who we are and welcome them to join us.

So, I thought I would also take a moment to show you again what your Executive Director and the Staff is up to so that you can have to utmost confidence in all that it takes to make this Faith Community function 7 days a week.  It’s a big job but God has been so faithful to us during all the twists and turns along the way and we are very proud of what has been accomplished thus far.

This includes:

  • improving our weekly bulletin to be welcoming, friendly and information packed for any one and every one
  • improving our website to be more user friendly, which is currently being worked on
  • utilizing our monitors in the hallways and the coffee area to have colorful and exciting announcements that keep people informed and engaged
  • promoting our weekly e-newsletter “Synergize” this is currently being emailed out to over 900+ folks to draw them to our website and get them connected to what we are doing at our church and school
  • having our weekly e-newsletter “Synergize” printed out for those who do not utilize the internet on a weekly basis and also mailing it off to those who request it
  • improving our signage outside this building so make sure people know that Gethsemane is right here and we are alive and kicking!
  • improving the landscaping so that we are visually appealing to our neighbors and of course to our members & guests
  • continuing to put up our professional flyers in the bathrooms, windows and bulletin boards to promote our activities and create an excitement about what God is doing in this faith community
  • working hard to promote our school and all its activities so that our surrounding communities take advantage of what we have to offer for the success of our children who attend here and also making it a little easier for those who need the additional help in order for their children to attend
  • continually working to enhance the already beautiful worship center and inside church areas so that it easily attracts the new guest to feel comfortable and at home
  • promoting series, events & holidays through social media and mailings whenever possible
  • connecting with surrounding churches and ministries around the area so that we can partner with them to further the ministry of Jesus Christ
  • creating more and more opportunities for our Youth, Children, Men & Women to come together with special events, guests, seminars, conferences and camps to continue to connect with each other and with each generation God has blessed this place with
  • enhancing the 830 service as well as the 1002 service with excellence and purposed improvements to reach those that are lost for Christ

As you can see we have all been a little busy around here and we are working hard to continue to be that way.  Thank you for taking the time to read this, as it is my priority to keep you all very informed on what is going on.  Always feel free to contact me directly here at the office or via email, your thoughts are important to me.

Also, please continue to keep your church and school staff if your prayers as ministry is hard work and we want to never grow weary of doing good.  We love what God has called us all to do here at Gethsemane!

Be Blessed!

Emilie Worre Noble







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