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Sunday Morning Worship

8:30 & 10:02

Come As You Are…Really. 

At 8:30am we worship in a traditional service featuring hymns, liturgy and organ.  If you enjoy a classic worship style, then this service is for you. Communion is served weekly at this service and all people are welcome at Communion!

Then at 10:02am, get ready for an upbeat, music-intense contemporary service featuring Emilie Worre Noble and the 10:02 Band.  Children are invited to attend the Kids Konnection Sunday School which meets during this service.  Communion is celebrated on the first Sunday of the month at this service.  On that Sunday, children are encouraged to worship with their parents, and are dismissed to Kids Konnection before the message.

The finally at 3:00pm we have our Spanish speaking service, Casa del Maestro, led by Pastor Sam.    Casa del Maestro means “Master’s House” and in 2013 it opened it’s doors for the purpose of conveying biblical principle for the whole family.  Come and see this new ministry!


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Weekly Update from our Council President, Jim Engen

By on August 13, 2015

(Written by Jim Engen, Posted by Pastor Tim)


Tori lead us off with a song with these words:  “Holy Spirit you are welcome here.  Come flood this place and fill the atmosphere.  Your Glory, God, is what our hearts long for.  To be overcome by Your presence, Lord.”  What a prayer request to start the service off with.  Have you ever been overcome by the presence of God?  Did you like it?  Did it feel good?  Could you even stand up?  Is it okay to let yourself go that much and let God overtake you?  How can I feel comfortable and overtaken at the same time?  GOD IS SO AWESOME!

Next we heard Deb share a Community Life segment that included a song written by our own Karl Demer: “Send Me An Angel.”  It is a song about a girl in need of a donor heart.  Come to the Gethsemane Block party on August 21, 2015 from 6pm – 10pm.  Bring money.  Buy the CD.  Support Ireland Larson in her efforts to raise money for a heart transplant.

Get involved in the transformation that is taking place in this place called Gethsemane Faith Community (GFC).  Not just a church, not just a school, not just a church and school, but a Faith Community coming together to transform lives in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ!

Next, Pastor Tim was up with the third installment of the message entitled: Agents of H.E.A.L.E.D.

A little review first – Agents are:

  • Part of a team
  • They are Equipped for the work – we are equipped with the Holy Spirit
  • They are given a mission that matters – to let the world know that they have been saved in Jesus!

A question was raised – How do we live into the reality of being saved by Jesus?

Pastor Tim proceeded next by giving a mission briefing.  He asked us all a question, “What does it mean to be a follower of Jesus?”  Jesus delivered forgiveness to the whole world.

Pastor Tim asked the question: “Who am I called to serve?”  This question became the main point of the briefing.  Expanded a bit more – what is my assignment from God?  That for me raises the question – how do I go about getting that assignment?

The example was given where Peter was given the assignment to share the Good News of Jesus with the Jews and Paul to share it with the Gentiles.  One mission – different roles – each has a part to play or a task to perform.

The real question for me is – whom has God called me to be a blessing to in this life?

What are the steps to discernment of the calling?

1 – Do a scan of my life – see where I am at and who is in my life.  Who is near?  Who is in need?  What is in my heart?  What is in my hand?  God puts it there – am I open to hear it, see it or feel it?  Sometimes.

2 – Put myself in motion – engage with someone that is in my life – anyone.  Get going!  Start and God will guide and give clarity to me.  Go read Acts 16:6-9 to see how Paul got going and received confirmation (or not) along the way.

3 – Now watch for confirmation from God as I engage with the person in my life – God will confirm it.  We just need to watch and listen.  Luke 10:8-11 speaks to this idea of confirmation.  Are you being accepted where you are going?  The Holy Spirit goes before us – believe it.

Go ahead and listen to Pastor Tim’s message again.  Pay attention to his story and his blending Karl’s story of Ireland into this message of listening to where God is calling or assigning us.

Taking the content of the briefing to a larger level: what does Gethsemane have in its hand?  Who has God given Gethsemane to serve?  I am called, but we as a community of faith are also called collectively.

What a message for us at this time as we in this faith community explore where God is leading us.

Thank you Pastor Tim for that provocative briefing!

Did you miss the message on Sunday?  Perhaps you want to listen to it again – I did and was blessed again.

Pastor Tim’s message is available at www.geth.org.  Click on the “News” tab and then on the “Worship” tab to navigate to the message from Pastor Tim.



WOW! Pastor Dave has hit the ground running.  He began the task of an Interim pastor August 1, 2015 as I mentioned in last week’s letter to you.  I just 12 days, he has already begun writing job descriptions, reviewing current staff duties, developed a preliminary staff outline/structure, and reviewed our current constitution.  He appears to be able to set priorities on what needs doing and is setting in motion the tasks that need to be completed for results.  It is so refreshing to see this kind of excitement and leadership here at Gethsemane.  Thank you Pastor Dave!

The current big task is to help us complete our Ministry Site Profile (MSP) – Ryan Morlok (and Team) and Pastor Dave are scheduled to review the data gathered from the congregation and complete the surveys just given to the school staff.  Stay engaged to find out what we collectively said as a Faith Community.



Come Sunday for Pastor Tim’s Third installment of the message series: Agents of H.E.A.L.E.D.  Come and worship with another guest worship leader that is sure to move you spiritually if you are willing and ready to be moved.

Come and get that blessing that is meant to carry you through the week.

Mark your calendars for a second congregational Finance/Budget meeting at 11:15 on Sunday August 30, 2015.  Your Operations Management Team and Full Council are ready to present the congregation with a balanced budget.  The budget is the only item allowed on the agenda and you will be asked to vote to pass the FY2016 as presented at the meeting.



Do you have a pastoral care issue?  Call the church office at 651-739-1264 and ask for Pastor Tim or now Pastor Dave (pastoral care is one of his tasks).  They are here and eager to serve you!

Email me at jengen@geth.org with the answer or questions/comments/concerns.  I would love to hear from you.

Engaged to be Transformed In His Service,


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Agents of H.E.A.L.E.D. Sermon Series – part 5 – “Expansion Strategies”

By on August 31, 2015

Pastor Tim wraps up his August series with this sermon looking at what it means to “make disciples.” Turns out it’s every Jesus-follower’s job and you really don’t need to go to seminary in order to be qualified for the

Rowing team new members

New Member Class – Sunday, September 13th

By on August 27, 2015

Pastor Dave will be leading our upcoming New Member class, which has been set for Sunday, September 13th, at 11:15 am.  The class will meet in the little conference room just off of the coffee lounge for about an hour. New members


Principal’s Note

By on August 27, 2015

We are very excited to welcome our new physical education teacher Mr. Jim Harnett to our family. In an effort to match strengths with teachers gifts he will be teaching k-5 computers, k-8 physical education and 5th grade math.  With

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From the Desk of Jim Engen, President of Gethsemane Faith Community

By on August 27, 2015

AGENTS OF H.E.A.L.E.D. – Abundant Life I have no insight on the music this week because I did not hear any of it.  Oh!  Wait a second, I did hear the last stanza of the last hymn from the 8:30

How better to depict quality cleaning services than with a big golden humanoid person holding a rather commonplace broom! Cliche? I think not!

Part-time Custodial Position for Gethsemane Church and School

By on August 26, 2015

A part-time custodial position (30 hours/week) for Gethsemane Church and School is available. Primary tasks involve cleaning bathrooms and classrooms. Evening hours are required for this position (some of the tasks can be completed during the day). For more information