Ministry Teams


If you spend any time at Gethsemane you will probably hear the saying, “following Jesus is a team sport”. We should not live out our Christian faith in isolation. Here at Gethsemane we have many opportunities for people to come together to serve and to grow in their faith. See below for a list of the active ministry teams and the contact person for each team.

Welcome Team
Do you like greeting people with a smile? Contact Sandi Heichel at For more information see the Welcome Ministry Information Sheet.

Usher Team
Do you like assisting people or helping them find what they need? Contact Emily Noble at

Communion Team
Love to help serve communion in worship? Contact Anita Quiobia at For more information see the Communion Team Information Sheet.

Kid’s Konnection Team
Love hearing kids Laugh and love the Lord?  Contact Deb Grzywinski at For more information see the Kid’s Konnection Information Sheet.

Serve the World Team:
Love helping people? Contact Kristin Skrien at For more information see the  Serve the World Team Information Sheet.

Connecting Team:
Do you like being a bridge-builders and guides for new people. Contact Shirley Bahneman at For more information see the Building Connections Information Sheet.

Prayer Team:
Do you feel gifted to pray for other people. Contact Nancy Van Kampen at

Homebound Visitation/Homebound Communion Team:
Do you like visiting people and bringing communion to people who are unable to make it to church. Contact Sandi Heichel at  For more information see the Home Communion and Visitation Information Sheet.

Telecare Team:
Do you like talking on the phone? Contact Lucille Cahanes at 651-739-0580.

Senior Fellowship Group:
Are you looking for a morning group for seniors that involves eating, talking, and having conversations with the pastor?  Contact Lucille at 651-739-0580.

Facilities Team:
Do you like hands on projects?  Contact Doug Skrien at  for more information see the Facilities Team Information Sheet.

Funeral Luncheon Team:
Do you like cooking and providing for people in need? Contact Betty Rudolph at 651-777-7168.

Hospitality Team:
Ever had dreams of becoming a barista or just enjoy serving others? Contact Sara Beekie at For more information see the Hospitality Information Sheet.

Quilting Team:
Do you like sewing and quilting? Contact Betty Betty Rudolph at 651-777-7168.